Mining Design, Planning and Engineering

Open Pit Mine Design, Planning and Engineering
  • The full range of studies from scoping to detailed feasibility
  • Mine planning reviews and technical audits
  • Development and implementation of optimal mining strategies
  • Operational assistance, reviews and improvements
  • Financial evaluations
  • Risk analyses
  • Project reviews
  • Due diligence
  • Competent person reports
  • Independent expert reports
  • Stock market listing reports
Underground Mine Design, Planning and Engineering
  • Engineering studies (from scoping to feasibility)
  • Mining context definition and mining methods selection
  • Economic cut-off grade
  • Estimation of mineable tonnage and production rate assessment
  • Development and production scheduling
  • Geotechnical characterization and ground support system design
  • Drill and blast design, fragmentation analysis
  • Ventilation system modeling and design
  • Backfill method analysis and system design
  • Equipment and manpower requirements
  • Operating cost benchmarking and cost modeling
  • Open pit to underground transition analysis
  • Draw control for caving operations
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Operational review and assistance
  • Life-of-Mine plan optimization
Mining Economics and Finance
  • Technical studies requiring input for cut-off grade determination and optimization analysis for Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve reporting;
  • Benchmarking for comparative cost of production analysis;
  • Financial Models (link to service statements) for comparative assessments of economic performance
  • Mineral Asset Valuations (link to service statements) for reporting in regulatory documentation prepared for the equity capital markets.
Mining Geology
  • Near mine geophysics
  • Structural analysis
  • Advanced 3D modelling
  • Resource estimation
  • Pit and underground mapping
  • Near mine exploration targeting
  • Site-based structural geology training
  • Grade control system design
  • Sampling and reconciliation audits
  • Geotechnical mapping and modelling
  • Geometallurgical assessment and modelling
Grade Control and Reconciliation
  • On-site design, implementation and review of systems, protocols and processes
  • Differentiation of ore types for mining and processing
  • Reconciliation studies between resource models, grade control models and plant feed records
  • Optimization of stockpiling and blending strategy
  • Identification of problems and troubleshooting
  • On-site training related to data capture, analysis and reporting for regular production reviews
Mine Ventilation
  • Ventilation surveys for all underground facility types
  • Ventilation system modeling, design, and review at all project stages
  • Underground fire risk analysis and modeling to optimize mine design and escape planning
  • Monitoring system development
  • Operational auditing and optimization
  • Climatic studies to identify and mitigate potentially hazardous sub-surface conditions
  • Emission reduction strategies
  • Troubleshooting of problems with heat, dust, gaseous contaminants, pressure differentials, etc.
  • Capital and operation cost estimation
Emission Analysis
  • DPM sample collection and program development
  • DPM sample laboratory analysis
  • Establishment of DPM exposure baselines
  • DPM reduction and regulatory compliance
Ventilation Training
  • Multidisciplinary expertise in mine ventilation, mining, and computer software engineering
  • In-depth knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of heat transfer
  • Proficiency in fire, air cooling, and ventilation modeling
  • Innovative technologies and software programs developed in house